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Guest house Vila Tatra with its unique location offers you excellent opportunities for making a great variety of trips. In "all directions" from Vila Tatra you can find sport or touristic attractions but also many historical monuments.
  • In the winter season you can enjoy cross-country skiing and down-hill skiing and find numbers of ski lifts and slopes in perfect conditions within a close distance to Vila Tatra
  • In the summer season you can see and enjoy the beauty of Slovakian mountains by using the tourist paths
  • The county town Poprad (reachable in 10 minutes by car) offers many attractions for you! This beautiful city is an increasingly popular destination to explore. You can visit museums, early gothic churches, but also enjoy modern bars and restaurants in the centre
  • We would like to recommend you to visit the most interesting and historically most picturesque part of Poprad a historical part of Poprad- Spišská Sobota. In the centre, there is a church of St. Jacob. Originally it was a late roman church, but it gained some gothic features. Its main altar is a late-gothic one. It was made by Master Paul from Levoča. In the northern part of Spišská Sobota, there is St. Anna chapel from the 16-th century and next to the church please notice a renaissance belfry. There is also an evangelic classicistic church
  • The close thermal aqua parks in Vrbov and AquaCity in Poprad are year-round opened and you can enjoy thermal water not only in summer, but also in winter season

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